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Tungle and Batchbook now integrated

I'm very happy to see that two of my favourite tools are now working together. I provided a quote to the press release, since my Twitter of my GetSatisfaction post kicked off the discussion between the companies. BatchBook also has a blog post up.


Want to book a meeting with me / check my availability ? Head over to my Tungle profile.

Tungle helps me keep my sanity by making meeting booking not my problem. I don't have to juggle lots of different back-and-forth email threads as I try and schedule my next week's worth of meetings – it's up to people that want to meet with me to suggest times in slots that are available.

It doesn't hurt that they're a Canadian startup on a roll. Why don't I have more to rave about with Tungle? They handle my multiple business and personal calendars and "just do it". 

Want to get in touch or need a referral? Fill out my Batchbook-powered contact form or ask me to search my contact database for people and firms with specific skillsets.

Batchbook is in the class of "social CRMs". I guess that means it's interface is from the current decade, and it integrates things like Twitter profiles and RSS feeds as part of each contact. But I have much more to say about Batchbook.

I was going to say "my favourite part…", but in reality I use a ton of different features that Batchbook has. Tags for contacts make it easy to slice and dice, but it's "Super Tags" that are really awesome. Tag someone with a previously defined Super Tag, and you can add additional fields of data. For example, I have a "drupal person" tag that lets me add a person's nickname in the Drupal community, a direct link to their d.o. user account, and a yes/no on if they are part of the Drupal Association. I also have a Partner tag, that lets me check off specific skillsets that people or companies have, as well as their usual hourly rate / typical project size.

From these tags and Super Tag fields, you can then create custom reports and lists, to easily browse collections of people or companies.

From *there*, you can do cool integration-y things like set up a Mailchimp mailing lists which stays in sync just by tagging contacts. And yes, it syncs with Google Contacts, too.

Deal tracking and much more are all possible. Check out the extensive list of Batchbook screencasts to get more of an idea of what's possible.

I'm thinking of doing a Batchbook intro / user group / sharing session in Vancouver in the coming weeks. Leave a comment if you're interested, and I'll let you know when and where.