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Feel free to tweet or DM me @bmann or on Social.CoopSocial.Coop
From the wiki:

What?: is is an experiment in user-controlled social media. It is a community hub for people interested in co-ops and development of free/libre social media - these define the common core field of discussion, though they are far from the only things discussed.
We primarily run a [[Mastodon]] social media server: one node in the [[Fediverse]], a federated network of social media applications which communicate using the [[Activity Pub]] and [[OStatus]] protocols.
Mastodon @[email protected].

You can usually find me in the FissionFission
Fission is the company I founded in June [[2019]] with [[Brooklyn Zelenka]].
twitter @fissioncodes
[[Discord]] chat
[[Discourse]] forum

Discord Chat, which also happens to be a fun place to hang out if you like technical, open source, and general developer topics.

For StartupStartup
Startup and small business operations and efficiency
“Startup” is this weird phrase that means lots of different things. For me, one of the things that it means is really internalizing a couple of different concepts.
One is the [[Lean Startup]], which has lots of baggage associated with it today, but at its core there is the Build - Measure - Learn loop.
You start with a hypothesis (another key concept), like “adding an ecommerce channel will lead to more sales”, and then you build the minima...
topics, advice, and support, I’m in the EhListEhList
A Slack for Canadian [[Startup]] founders.
Canadian founders Slack. I’ll also bug you to join the Venture ScoutsVenture Scouts
Growing the next generation of founders and funders in [[Canada]]
One of my current [[Projects]]. There is a [[Discourse]] forum at which anyone can join.
There are a variety of members-only groups on the site as well, including Pitch Deck Review.
To Do

[[TODO]] Kick off peer mentoring: get members to post a peer profile with the topics that they’re interested in providing peer mentorship on, as well as how to get in touch / book some time (e.g. [[Calendly]] link)

If we’ve met in person, happy to connect on LinkedIn. Write something interesting in your connect message if we haven’t met :)

Happy to do an intro call (or coffee if you’re local to Vancouver): Book a time on my calendar »