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Spanning Sync for Mac to Google syncing

I'm still using Spanning Sync to sync my local calendars to Google. Calendaring is the main sync issue for me: my phone syncs with my local iCal, and then my local iCal syncs to multiple calendars that I have. This is still a bit tricky, since I have a personal Gmail account as well as multiple Google Apps for Domains accounts. My main request is to support multiple accounts and use the login from each one, rather than having to use one account to share access. For calendars only, if you have a Series 60 phone, there is also CalSyncS60. This lets you sync directly from your phone to Google calendar. Except, I never got it to work quite right, and I don't have a data plan at the moment, so syncing would be mainly at the home or office where I have wifi.

The reason I made this post now? Brendon pointed out to me that Spanning Sync has a refer a friend program, since he was about to buy a copy. So use this link or click on the logo if you are planning on buying Spanning Sync and want to also push $5 my way (you also save $5).