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Batchbook User Group & Intro June 15th, 2010

  • Created: June 08, 2010
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Having completed my move and gotten a little breathing room, I've decided to schedule the Batchbook intro / user group sharing session for Tuesday, June 15th, for 6pm at the Bootup Labs offices.

Batchbook is a social CRM tool useful for managing contacts, deal flow, sales leads, and many other things related to people and companies.

I'm a big fan of the tool, and will be explaining how *I* use it, and some of its major features. It's in a similar space as 37Signals' Highrise, and is probably a better choice for smaller / web based organizations than the big daddy Salesforce.

If you're an existing user of Batchbook, please come and share your experiences - for example, a particular way that it fits in your workflow, some of your custom SuperTags, etc.

See my previous post about Tungle and Batchbook for more info. Head over to RedRovr for the event entry and to let me know you're coming using your Twitter account.