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Venture Scouts

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Growing the next generation of founders and funders in Canada

One of my current ProjectsProjects
Current Projects

[[Venture Scouts]] [[2020]]
[[Cobuilding]] [[2020]]
[[Moa Party]] and [[Connecting to the Agora]] [[2021]]


[[Custom Bags in Vancouver]] – I want to test my [[Ship IP Not Product]] ideas, and make a template for forming a group, designing a bag, and finding local makers and supply chain to make items locally, on demand
[[Community ISP]] – can we form co-ops and collectives and create community ISPs?
[[Vancouver Local Makers Directory]] – a list of made in [[Vancouve...
. There is a DiscourseDiscourse

Civilized discussion for your community

Discourse is super flexible open source forum software. It’s a top [[Community Tool]].
The private company behind Discourse is Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.. They offer paid hosting for forums starting at $100/month.
You can apply for free hosting for open source projects
Discourse for Teams
There is a new (late 2020) Discourse for Teams offering that starts at $20/month for up to 5 team members on a fully private forum.

Discourse for Te...
forum at which anyone can join.

There are a variety of members-only groups on the site as well, including Pitch Deck Review.

To Do

    Mainly, things will just link here.
    Kick off peer mentoring: get members to post a peer profile with the topics that they’re interested in providing peer mentorship on, as well as how to get in touch / book some time (e.g. Calendly link)
    Mainly, things will just link here.
    We’re discussing what a venture scout fund would look like in Canada