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Open source Product Analytics

From their Github: “We are an open source alternative to Mixpanel, Amplitude or Heap, designed to be more developer friendly.”

They have a Deploy To HerokuDeploy To Heroku
[[Heroku]] has a “Deploy to Heroku” button that lets people deploy apps using just a browser and the Heroku dashboard.
Creating a ‘Deploy to Heroku’ Button
The two base requirements are that the source code is on [[Github]] and that it contains an app.json file.

app.json schema is documented in the Heroku docs

they recommend as the easiest way to selfhost.

They consider themselves OpenCore: the core product is MIT LicenseMIT License
The MIT License is a [[Permissive License]].
, but they have proprietary extensions and a proprietary enterprise license for a certain directory. They also maintain a mirror of just MIT code at posthog/posthog-foss.