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Ghost is an open source blogging and publishing platform.

More recently, it’s been calling itself a Headless CMS. You can use Ghost for its admin and editing interface for making blog posts and pages, and then use a different framework such as 11ty1 on the front end to customize and display the content.

Ghost is now also being compared to SubstackSubstack
Substack is a publishing and paid subscription platform. It is most often thought of for newsletters, but it’s more of a combination newsletter + blogging platform.
It is a fully hosted, proprietary, free to start platform. They charge 10% of fees you collect.
As of October 2020, you can pay $50 one-time to add a custom domain.
[[Ghost]] has a Ghost vs. Substack page that goes into more detail to consider.
My personal recommendation if you’re going to use Substack, is to use it with a custom ...
, it has a Ghost vs. Substack Comparison Page. This is powered by Ghost’s membership / subscription features.

About Ghost

Ghost was created from initial Kickstarter funding in 2013. It is now run through the non-profit Ghost Foundation, whose main source of revenue is Ghost Pro – professional hosting of the Ghost software. The metrics for the foundation are all public.

We set Ghost up as non-profit foundation so that it would always be true to its users, rather than shareholders or investors. Our legal constitution ensures that the company can never be bought or sold, and one hundred percent of our revenue is reinvested into the product and the community.

As a public organisation we also believe in being transparent and accountable for everything we do, so we publish our live financial data for all to see.

Their label for this model is Sustainable Open Source:

The more people who use Ghost, the more customers we have, the more revenue we receive, the more great people we can hire to work for the foundation, the better the software gets, the more people use Ghost… and so on.

It’s a virtuous cycle which means that we can keep creating open, adaptable software with a vibrant future, forever.

  1. I’ve used the Eleventy Ghost Starter Kit to connect to FissionFission
    Fission is the company I founded in June [[2019]] with [[Brooklyn Zelenka]].
    twitter @fissioncodes
    [[Discord]] chat
    [[Discourse]] forum

    ’s Ghost blog The example is at