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Vancouver Akoha Decksgiving

Akoha is a cool new "online gaming" startup based out of Montreal. I've traded emails with the founder, Austin Hill, for quite some time, and finally met him in person at the Banff Venture Forum at the beginning of October. At beers in Calgary, I got handed 30+ decks to recruit more people to the Akoha Beta.

Here's the quote from Akoha's release at TechCrunch 50, and the accompanying video:

Games for the Oprah crowd is how Akoha co-founder Austin Hill describes his online gaming system. The system uses “mission cards” that friends pass to each other along with a mission i.e. give someone a book or buy someone a meal. You then register that card and perform the mission. Using clever social networking tools you can see how your missions affect others, compete against friends, and generally do nice things for people.

So, if you're interested in experimenting with Akoha, come by on Wednesday night, November 5th. I only have a limited number of decks, so please do sign up on Upcoming if you're planning on coming.