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ICANN brings cool people to town...geek dinner Tuesday?

It looks like the ICANN Vancouver meeting is bringing several cool people into town…including Gervaise, whom I met at BarCamp Amsterdam, and Joi Ito, who I’ve never met but would like to (Joi: here are a few other people that want to meet you).

The ICANN meetings don’t start until Wednesday, so maybe Tuesday night would be a good night? I’m going to try and get in touch with Gervaise and Joi, and of course ping organizer extraordinaire, Roland, to find us a good place to eat in Vancouver.

Update: looks like Wednesday night (tomorrow) is going to be better…Richard, long time #joiito denizen, spent some time polling and Steamworks might be the easiest choice. I’ve put the event on, so please indicate if you are attending so I can give Steamworks a heads up on how many people to plan for. This is definitely not limited in any way to only ICANN attendees of course…just come on out and we’ll (as usual) talk about building the next version of the Internet as per usual :P

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