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An open API standard for creating, editing, and deleting posts on websites, like on your own domain, supported by numerous third-party clients and CMSs.

An IndieWebIndieWeb
The IndieWeb wiki is the main hub for information.

The IndieWeb is a community of individual personal websites, connected by simple standards, based on the principles of owning your domain, using it as your primary identity, to publish on your own site (optionally syndicate elsewhere), and own your data. more »

IndieWeb standards include:

[[Webmention]] to notify other websites
[[WebSub]] to get real time updates on other sites’ new content
[[Micropub]] to publish to your site with an ease...
standard, W3C Editor is @aaronpk. Main page on the IndieWeb wiki.

Micropub clients:

Micropub servers / hosts

    A hosted microblogging service that uses [[Hugo]] static site generator underneath. Supports [[IndieWeb]], [[Micropub]], [[ActivityPub]] and more independent and open web protocols.
    Founded by [[Manton Reece]].
    [[Recommended]] for people who want to run a blog on their own domain, while still being able to cross post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, and Mastodon. Also supports podcasts and videos at premium accounts.

    I pay for an account to run my microblog at ...
    supports it for publishing. Its using the “Link” or “Bookmark” type for a different purpose, that doesn’t actually get published to your feed.
  • @voxpelli Micropub to GithubMicropub to Github
    A [[NodeJS]] server designed to self-host with [[Deploy to Heroku]] support with an [[MIT License]].

    Self-hosteable Micropub endpoint that publishes to Jekyll by committing to GitHub

    I also documented getting this running for my own site.
    - this is what I first ran, it didn’t support file uploads
  • IndieKitIndieKit
    From the Github README:

    Indiekit is a small but powerful server that acts as the go-between your website and the wider independent web.

    Publish content to your website using apps like [[iAWriter]], [[]], Icro, Indigenous or services that support the [[Micropub]] API
    Syndicate your content to social networks like Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn, and save posts to the Internet Archive
    Accept likes, comments and other types of feedback on your content with Webmention
    Save files to dif...
    is my recommended self-hosting tool for this