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This is my space for NotesYes, basically a personal wiki, although becoming known as a Second Brain, saving and highlighting Articles and other Links.My general rule is that if I share something with two people, I should capture it as a local note.

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[[Venture Scouts]] [[2020]]
[[Cobuilding]] [[2020]]
[[Moa Party]] and [[Connecting to the Agora]] [[2021]]


[[Custom Bags in Vancouver]] – I want to test my [[Ship IP Not Product]] ideas, and make a template for forming a group, designing a bag, and finding local makers and supply chain to make items locally, on demand
[[Community ISP]] – can we form co-ops and collectives and create community ISPs?
[[Vancouver Local Makers Directory]] – a list of made in [[Vancouve...
. These are mainly small VancouverVancouver
The city where I live. I’m in East Van[[ East Van cross by @pixeldan::lmn]].
[[AllTheBestRecipes]] is where I document food and other local stuff.
Check the linked references below.
focused things, I’m pretty busy as the founder of FissionFission
Fission is the company I founded in June [[2019]] with [[Brooklyn Zelenka]].
twitter @fissioncodes
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.Check out the Fission blog.

Starting with the StartupStartup
Startup and small business operations and efficiency
“Startup” is this weird phrase that means lots of different things. For me, one of the things that it means is really internalizing a couple of different concepts.
One is the [[Lean Startup]], which has lots of baggage associated with it today, but at its core there is the Build - Measure - Learn loop.
You start with a hypothesis (another key concept), like “adding an ecommerce channel will lead to more sales”, and then you build the minima...
note, there are various operations guides, products, and recommendations to explore.

If I haven’t sent it to you already, you should read When Tailwinds Vanish: The Internet in the 2020sWhen Tailwinds Vanish: The Internet in the 2020s

The Internet tailwinds that propelled Silicon Valley’s meteoric growth for decades are stalling out. The ripple effects will jolt the tech industry.

By [[John Luttig]]

Like any mature industry, Silicon Valley must battle to maintain growth in the face of immense economic gravity. For the first time in Internet history, startup growth will require a push from the company and not a pull from the market. Unlike the organic pull that drove m...
.Software companies founded today are competing less with pen and paper than with other Internet-first incumbents. Put another way, as happens in every maturing industry before it, Internet company revenue will become zero-sum. As a corollary, the time between founding years of software startups and their competitive incumbents is shrinking — When Tailwinds Vanish

The Gumroad No Full Time EmployeesGumroad No Full Time Employees
By [[Sahil Lavingia]], @shl, founder of [[Gumroad]], the article is titled No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees, and describes how the currently 25 people work at Gumroad.

The internet has enabled new ways of working, but we’re just starting to see them unfold. There are a lot of different ways to make work work. Ours is just one.

No one is an employee, everyone is a contractor, and they get paid hourly. They have an “anti-overtime” rate: past 20 hours per week, peoples’ hourly...
article is also a good read.Today, working at Gumroad resembles working on an open source project like Rails. Except it’s neither open source, nor unpaid. — @shl, No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees


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