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On This Day: March 22nd

On this day, back in March 22nd, 2007, the Open Source CMS Summit that I helped organize was taking place in Sunnyvale at the Yahoo campus. While we had some participation from other communities, the core of it was the Drupal community I was part of.

@KarenStevenson and @merlinofchaos

Karen Stevenson and Earl Miles

@mortendk and @cbrumelle

Morten and Colin Brumelle

me with crazy hair and @jlambert

Boris and Jonathan Lambert

@termie, “in those halcyon days when he could still process dairy”

Andy Smith with milkshake

Bonus after party picture of @mortendk, thanks to @lhawthorn’s trunk. I think this later in the week or at least after midnight :)

Late night Morten

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The website is unforunately malware / domain squatted.

This was a tough time for me. I had a lot of different things going on. I didn’t do a good job of delegating or asking for help, and organizing this event pretty much burnt me out. I never really recovered, and I think it was the last Drupal event I organized.

Dries’ announcement post, just a month and a half before the conference date. Hence the burn out. Dries also has a great photo archive from the event. Mainly photos of many lovely community members.

Acquia was founded at OSCMS:

In March of 2007, I flew from Belgium to California to attend Yahoo’s Open Source CMS Summit, where I also helped host DrupalCon Sunnyvale. It was at DrupalCon Sunnyvale where Jay first introduced himself to me. He explained that he was interested in building a company that could provide enterprise organizations supplementary services and support for a number of open source projects, including Drupal and Apache Solr. Initially, I was hesitant to meet with Jay. I was focused on getting Drupal 5 released, and I wasn’t ready to start a company until I finished my PhD. Eventually I agreed to breakfast. Acquia’s First Decade Founding Story was still a thing. Found on @kitt’s (archived) user page.

Walkah was there and gave a talk on OpenID. Apparently we were calling this part of the Identity 2.0 movement.

No links I can find right now, but I remember @kellan came in from the city and gave a talk about the Flickr API. He was with @stewart and friends at the Yahoo Brickhouse innovation lab.