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German startup ecosystem challenges, Canadian similarities

  • Created: January 22, 2020

Robin Dechant wrote about the Germany startup / innovation ecosystem.

Lots of great reading about the specifics of the problem, from distributed cities, universities, and big company headquarters:

While Germany is a powerhouse for research and technology with its scientists and engineers, it’s incredibly challenging to connect all these people and to build bridges.

This, of course, sounds incredibly familiar to someone in Canada.

I could probably write the same article about the Canadian market and the tension between Vancouver/Toronto/Montreal (never mind smaller cities and regions).

Totally agree that each country / region has to figure out how to succeed uniquely – while ALSO cross pollinating with the global startup / venture community that has lots in common.

Especially when we see a rising trend in fully distributed teams. I feel like Berlin is probably Top 3 in the world in “digital nomads” that more could be done with.

I posted this as a comment on LinkedIn.