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Arrived in PEI, visited Casa Mia Cafe

I'm going to try and keep a few short notes in my asides section on this trip to PEI.

This was my first "red eye" traveling in North America. That is, I intentionally chose an overnight flight as opposed to Europe, where you're usually losing a day in some way because of the time change.

PEI is Atlantic time (4 hours time difference from Pacific), so leaving at 11:30pm from Vancouver on Monday night meant that I got here around 10:30am on Tuesday morning after a transfer in Montreal.

I'm not sure how I feel about the overnight flight -- spending a whole day flying (once you add in the 4 hours you lose) isn't great, so I decided to use that "wasted" time overnight, making sure that I still had a day to get rested before I started my events here.

In any case, I made it safe and sound if a little groggy and emerged into the sunlight on the tarmac of the Charlottetown airport. It's a small airport where you walk off the plane and directly into the arrivals / exit. I got set up with a rental car and made the short drive to town.

My hosts are putting me up at the Great George Hotel -- some times also called the Inns on Great George (plural) because it's a number of separate buildings with different kinds of apartments and rooms. The person at the front desk ("Frankie", which somehow smacks of PEI) led me 2 blocks from the lobby to where I would be staying. I've got a kitchen, so I might see about getting fresh ingredients and putting a meal together while I'm here.

Aside from having a long nap and doing some work on my presentations, I did make it to Casa Mia Cafe, the Bluetooth scanning cafe of legend. It had an entry on Yelp, but no reviews, so I wrote one about my lunch + coffee. Peter Rukavina confirmed that I was scanned by the system while I was there, so I'm glad to have checked that off my list. Sadly, no message pushed to my phone or other acknowledgment.