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Contributing to Drupal Radar

One more before we go - Boris Mann is joining Drupal Radar as a contributor. He’ll be writing articles and helping to grow our Radar Database feature and make it more useful for other sites via RDF or an API. Watch out for his byline soon!


That's the quote buried at the end of On The Radar: 17th July 2010.

I talked to Steve Parks, founder of Drupal Radar, on Friday morning. He's based out of the UK where he runs Pilot Internet, and comes from a journalistic background. Steve started out as a BBC Radio Journalist and started way back in the Drupal 4.6 days.

Steve says:

"it got to the stage where I wanted to give something back to the community, and I thought I could this in two ways:

  1. Documentation
  2. Helping the community stay cohesive, even as it gets really large, by having a good trade publication to keep everyone up to date, with independent but informed journalism. That's the aim for Drupal Radar".

I was planning my own Drupal information related project, and when I saw what Steve had already put together, I reached out to see if we could work together.

This is very much Steve's baby (perhaps we'll call him a Benevolent Editor rather than Dictator), but he's hoping to build DR in an open collaborative way, much like the Drupal community itself. This means CC licensed comment, including the "Radar Database" which will be information about the people and companies in the Drupal ecosystem. Sort of a Crunchbase for Drupal.

I've really enjoyed Steve's writing so far, and hoping to get a little bit of editing or guidance around some of my scribblings. And, of course, fitting open data together.

Want to get involved? Leave a comment, and know that we're not quite ready to open the floodgates, but do want to start hearing from people that may be thinking of similar initiatives.