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Open Web Technology Conference in Vancouver, June 11th and 12th 2009

I got notice this weekend that my talk submission to Open Web Vancouver 2009 got accepted.

Open Web Vancouver runs June 11th and 12th and the brand new Vancouver Convention Center, and registration is now open.

Here's the blurb from the registration page:

This year's conference promises to be at least as exciting as last year's. So far we have an exciting speaker roster confirmed, including keynote sessions with Rickard Falvinge, leader of Sweden's Pirate Party, and Angela 'webchick' Byron, Drupal 7 co-maintainer and Lullabot. Other confirmed speakers include:

(BTW Open Web Van peeps - I'm tagging this #owv09, please post this somewhere as the "official" tag)

I posted my talk submission to the Open Restaurants wiki. What's Open Restaurants? Well, it's the namespace for that Semantic Web Community Barn Raising that I blogged about a while back. We had our breakfast meeting, 8 people came, and we've got a great cross section of Drupal devs, Freebase / semweb schema nerds, open data policy enthusiasts, and NLP experts that want to use Twitter posts to create Skynet :P

I said namespace, because we'll go about creating some schemas and hopefully bootstrap local communities, web apps, and other producers / consumers to adopt this schema and use it to build interesting things. I have some ideas about doing supply chain modeling for a Farmfed project that Anthony at Farmstead Wines has gotten me roped into.

I joked about the codename for the mashup we're going to create being called BaconPatioBeer. Except, the more I thought about it … the more I liked it and couldn't find another URL that seemed perfect. Hence, (which currently redirects to the Open Restaurants wiki). There'll be a blog up, soon~ish. Oh, look, there's this Twitter account, too @openrestaurants

I'm excited about getting the chance to work together with a group of people exploring Linked Data concepts directly. The "open data" part is also fascinating, and it looks like we'll actually get a chance to speak to Vancouver's city council in support of the concept - nice work, Karen.

So it looks like the "food for robots" phrase that I suggested at Drupalcon is becoming literal, since we're starting with food-related data. In fact, the Lullabots posted an audio interview of me talking Drupal + Semantic Web. I, uh, haven't gotten up the nerve to listen to it yet -- it was during the day of my all nighter, and I kind of remember looking up into space and monologuing. For more on Semantic Web/RDF in Drupal, try the next interview with Stéphane Corlosquet.