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Apple Macworld 2009 rumours - Macbook DS (and still no tablet)

Tomorrow is the Macworld 2009 keynote, this time by Phil Schiller instead of Jobs. Regardless, it's that time of year again -- Apple rumour time! Mac Rumors is still my favourite site for this sort of thing -- here is their 2009 rumor roundup. They are on twitter now, so as well as the MacRumorsLive site, you can also follow them @macrumors.

The rumors seem pretty believable. I'd like to think something more exciting is planned for the MacBook Pro 17" than just a better battery. Maybe touchscreen instead of a keyboard? That's what I was thinking last time ... no keyboard, no trackpad, an entire touchscreen / tablet interface on the "bottom half". Think what this would do for audio mixers, Photoshop tools, etc. etc. I call this crazy wild idea the "Macbook DS" (partial props to UnConed on that one). (you know, kind of like I predicted 2 years ago :P)

I've been "predicting" a Mac Tablet for 4 years now. Today, it would be more like a super iPhone or iPod Touch, with a 7" screen. Hmm...the iMac Touch? I'd love to see this one, but it's probably a little early for this -- Macrumors thinks we might see it this fall. It's also sort of the netbook entry for Apple, at least as far as size goes.

Any crazy hopeful rumours or dreams you'd like to see sooner rather than later from Apple?