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NowPublic MostPublic Index for Vancouver

NowPublic just released a MostPublic Index for Vancouver that lists 20 people ... and I come in at #3. The background for how the list is calculated is here, with the rough text below:

NowPublic’s formula gauges influence and “publicness” across four categories, including:

  • Online Visibility
  • Presence on User-Generated Content and Social Networking Sites
  • Interactivity and Accessibility
  • The “R” Factor: Presence on Microblogging Platforms (Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)

What do I think of this? Well, Darren (as the #1 spot) got interviewed for the article in the Vancouver Sun and pointed out longevity: Darren figures he's been blogging since about 2002. I'm in that range, with my permanent presence occuring around that time, although I think I seriously started posting online about a year or so earlier, trying different systems (the very first post on this site is dated 2002-11-09).

But wait, what do I think of this?

Well, it just so happens that I still write this blog for me. Most of the topics here are about tech, or pointing at things I want to highlight or tell people about. People still come up to me in person and say "sometimes I don't know what you're talking about" -- this is my personal scratchpad, and it's for me. I've tried back and forth to be more personal here, but I tend not to be. I'm giving another kick at that can on a LiveJournal site and I write recipes and talk about cooking on my site.

There are comments on the Vancouver Sun and Techvibes in the vein of "these people have no lives" and so on.

No problem. I do this thing for me, and it sometimes has effects like connecting me to people that I would not otherwise have met. I'd like to do more exploratory writing and thinking here, but I've been finding it hard. I'll keep writing - or not writing - as I please. I hope that some of you find it interesting at times, and I enjoy any comments and interaction that I do get.

Congrats to the other MostPublic'rs. See you online...