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DaveO does a podcast with me on Bryght, Raincity Studios, and Bootup Labs

Dave Olson sat down with me at the beginning of this week and did a long (50 minutes) podcast over at Raincity Radio.

We covered a lot of ground. Here are some short notes with related links on what we talked about:

  • I first met DaveO down in Seattle at Gnomedex 2005
  • DaveO asks me about the start of Bryght -- me, Adrian, Roland, and James, supported by funding from Lance Tracey
  • The early days of my involvement with Drupal and how that moved into Bryght: hostmaster, install profiles (first created in D4.5, took all the way to D5 to get into core!)
  • we decided at Bryght to support the organic growth of the community and helping to stimulate a business ecosystem. A good post is organic vs. non organic open source
  • one of the big questions was "Why did you sell Bryght?". The answer is two fold. One, it became a combined product (Drupal hosting) and services (R&D and contract consulting work) company, trending ever more towards services. This was just not something I was personally interested in. Two, I felt an itch to scratch about continuing to support the growth of the local Vancouver tech community, and ultimately it became clear that Bootup Labs was the right vehicle to do that with.
  • Bryght re-launched. It looks beautiful and I had almost nothing to do with it. Oh, and you can now get Bryght Light in Chinese, or even pay nothing for it as an ad-supported version.
  • Yes, there are more new services coming from Bryght, including Canadian based servers as an option. Much of it will be due to Narayan Newton.
  • there is a big chunk in the middle about what my new startup, Bootup Labs
  • there are Drupal events coming up that you should go to. In a couple of weeks there is Drupalcon Szeged, and in early September there is Drupalcamp Victoria ... combined with the Great Canadian Beerfest!
  • The design firm for the redesign has been chosen. This is going to be a BIG job, but remember, is *our* home -- this is something that will benefit everyone, and everyone should be looking at how to help with this.
  • Call to action: help get upgraded to Drupal 6. One of the (minor but important) patches near and dear to my heart is the infamous XML patch to project*
  • Shout out to VeryMisunderstood aka Kenn, who does a ton of work helping out in the forums