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Sponsor Rachael for the Camp Moomba Yogathon

Aggro Rachael

Rachael is participating in the Camp Moomba Yogathon this Saturday at Thunderbird Stadium. She's look for a few more sponsor donations to reach her goal. As you can see from the picture at left…you won't like her when she's angry, so please donate. I don't want to have to show you my bruises…

What's a yogathon and what is this for? Rachael blogged the 4 day countdown, where she explains:

The yogathon means a 108 minute long session of yoga for the thousands of people who participate. The funds raised through the event go towards sending children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS to Camp Moomba, to give them a chance at a normal summer of fun. This will be my third time participating, and it’s something I look forward to taking part in every summer if I can. Last year we did the yogathon in heavy rain, which was not something I was expecting to enjoy as much as I did.

So there you go. I've done a short yoga session all about once, so I won't be yogathoning. I'm not sure what the support team does at these events. Eat hemp ice cream at the blissfest, I expect.

And, of course, once again my personal life and Drupal community collide: the Ghost Brothers are playing music at the yogathon, and I got given one of their CDs from Chris Bryant of Gravitek Labs. Ha! And that new email I just got was a Facebook notification from Chris letting me know that the Ghost Brothers are playing with DNA6 on July 24th. Small world...