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Easter on Bowen

Easter 2008, originally uploaded by Anne_M.

I had a great time on Bowen over the weekend. Lori and Todd came over from Victoria and picked me up on Friday and we went over together. A nice hike over to Cape Roger Curtis (set) and cooking and relaxing were the orders of the day.

On Sunday, Lori and Todd headed back so that their cat Fritz wouldn't get lonely, and I welcomed the next crew from the mainland: Suzie, Travis, and Rachael.

We set to work blowing out eggs (yep, it's as gross as it sounds) and then decorating them with various supplies I had picked up and others had brought. My mom took this picture of some of the results. Every year at Easter she makes "Easter egg trees" out of branches from the garden and various saved decorated eggs. Some of the eggs go back as much as 25 years -- it's one of the "traditions" that I really do value.

I guess I specifically remember Wolfgang, using these "brush tipped" pens, to make really intricate designs on the eggs.

And that's a weekend, with today (Monday) being some getting work done, albeit a day "off", so working from home and just relaxing...