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Post Leap Day Link Omnibus

Brunch Walk - 03

Well, we're almost 5 hours past Leap Day -- Feb 29th. I hope everyone celebrated in a manner appropriate to their nationality. I was talking with friends about various schemes to design Canadian Leap Day traditions, and all we settled on was that it should probably involve bacon in some way.

I made it through Northern Voice (see my stream-of-consciousness wrap up) without getting sick, and even had an awesome relaxing day going for brunch and a photowalk on the Sunday afternoon, but Monday morning I succumbed to a sore throat and cold. I'm back in action (sort of) due to the much-Facebooked "crazy German medicine" called Aspecton (it's sort of like the German equivalent of Buckley's, except no sugar or alcohol -- thanks, Mom!).

So, that's a bit of an update from the recent events. I'm off to Boston for a Drupal event in about 20 minutes, so here are links that I'm behind on: