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I Utterz

I fully blame Chris Heuer. I signed up for an Utterz account, after trashing him quite thoroughly over Skype some time back :P

What is Utterz? Well, it's mobile blogging, sort of. The only capability I've taken advantage of so far is the audio. You get a local (yes, even in Canada!) phone number that you can call, hit a few buttons, record whatever you want to say, hit some more and your recording will get posted. It posts (within 10 minutes) to the Utterz site, but can then also be set up to auto post to a number of other different places, like your blog or send out a Twitter notification. And yes, of course there is an RSS feed of your Utterz, so it's easy to pipe into Jaiku as well.

Aside from audio, you can also send pictures, video, and text to a special email address, and it will associate that with any audio Utterz you made in a 10 minute period.

So, you'll notice an Utterz widget in the sidebar top right, and I've also embedded a horizontal widget right in this post. Tonight, sore throat and all, I opened up my delicious bookmarks page and talked about the last 10 bookmarks I made.