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Fund dww and hunmonk and the further development of Drupal itself

A long time ago, in a world far away, I had really hoped to work with a few other folks in funding the fine people that maintain project module. Actually, I think the Drupal Association should step up and fund the project directly, but there is debate about how and under what circumstances the Association can fund development of code directly. In any case...

What is project module? Well, you should bite your tongue! It is *the* piece of code that runs Everything from the core download itself to the wealth of 1600 contributed modules depends on project module to track bugs and feature requests, create new releases, and make it easy to download the latest version of code without having to know arcane CVS commands (disclosure: I actually love arcane CVS commands, but that's another story).

If you use Drupal, you should fund the further development of the project module and the attendance of these two fantastic developers at Drupalcon Boston. Use the Flash widget in this post, or visit any page on this site in the upper right hand corner.

Update: turns out that dww and hunmonk are now good to go, but our job isn't finished yet. aclight is another project contributor. I've swapped out the widget below for his. Read his pitch.