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The multi week summary of missed blog posts

aka the "I am so far behind that I even had to steal the title of this post from Megan"

I was joking with Meg that I was just going to cut and paste her entire blog post. It's not that far off :P We're heading into Christmas break time, but still lots and lots of stuff on the go, and good things right in the New Year.

DemoCampVancouver04 had a great turnout...with surprisingly few presentations ready to go on deck! As it turned out, once we canvassed the crowd, we did end up with a great crew of people standing up. Special thanks to Amy Walker from Momentum magazine -- I put her on the spot asking her to present and she did a super fantastic job.

Battledecks were fun, and I think the mixer afterwards at Flux Bistro was a good way to continue the evening. TechVibes did a good job of covering DC04 -- but they don't have a "tag" or other way to show all of the posts, you'll just have to click around. Next one? January, I guess...we'll have to start planning that!

The second installment of Launch Party was great. Go, Maura, go! I think we can still tweak the timing and the space, but there were a ton of people and I think a lot of connections got made.

I probably spent too much time picking apart the Sitemasher team -- I'm looking forward to talking more with them. The Twiistup folks attended, and I'm debating going down to the Jan 16th event. Got to meet Shira Lazar -- bugged her to submit as a speaker for Northern Voice -- you should, too! (deadline is end of!)

OpenID 2.0 and Attribute Exchange 1.0 being finalized are a big deal. Now we can go back and re-implement a bunch of stuff we had working 3 years ago, just on top of standards and extensible this time. And yes, Messina, and related properties providing AND accepting OpenID are on the "to do" list.

Closely related to this is RalphM's workshop on Federating social networks. He's at Mediamatic now (man, do I have fond memories of BarCamp Amsterdam there!) and continue to think about how XMPP, identity, and websites intersect. There are audio recordings and other material that I need to set aside time to absorb and comment on.

Summary thoughts: across-the-cloud integration using both poll (feeds) and push (XMPP) are definitely possible, we need to do some prototype implementations and do some interop testing.

I should probably say "thanks!" to all the folks that left nice comments on my brief Bryght is joining Raincity post. Yes, it's still a bit weird to be sending with an email address. Yes, I'm stoked about the new situation and am really enjoying working with the bigger team.