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Dries announces Drupal startup Acquia

I just did my first post to the Raincity Studios blog, about Dries announcing his Drupal startup Acquia.

I really am pleased for Dries. I know that he's had a number of different offers and ideas that he's had to think through. Doing your own thing is exciting. Doing it well-funded is even more exciting :P

I think there are a number of different business models around open source that need more examples and experimentation. I've seen a lot of companies trying to make installing open source applications easier, but that's a "do once" operation that, to me, is not particularly high value.

Distilling the knowledge of lots of smart people into a focused distribution is a great thing, and upgrading / maintaining an installation over time is the much harder thing that I'd like to see more solutions around.

So, Dries, congrats on Acquia. I think we've got a few more adventures to go on together, and I'm looking forward to it.