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Bryght and Raincity are joining forces

Well, it looks like the press release is hitting the wires already, so I thought I would come over and announce on directly.

Bryght and Raincity Studios are joining forces. The Raincity team is going to acquire Bryght, and we'll continue to apply the Bryght brand to (more coming soon) install profile "products" like our current Bryght Light, and also to our hosting solutions.

It's been great to have Raincity sharing an office with us (they moved in at the end of September), and now we're one big happy family. Robert Scales, the leader of Raincity, is actually off in China making the company evening bigger -- we're opening an office in Shanghai!

I'm excited to have a bigger team to work with, especially lots of designers (I love the cool BADCamp logo that Hub from Raincity did!). But, not just design, but a production team with which we hope to "lead by example" -- contributing to and supporting many of the key modules that get used for every client project, and jumping on the bandwagon of test cases and code reviews.

So, from the entire 22-person Bryght-Raincity team, thanks to the whole Drupal community for building this shared space and shared project that we can continue to make better together.

Remember, BBQs are open every Thursday starting at noon, so please stop by if you are in town :P