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DemoCampVancouver04 on Nov. 22nd, now with more beer

In just 9 days, DemoCampVancouver04 takes place at the usual location - WorkSpace.

We've now grown to the point where any of the local watering holes or eating establishments in Gastown have trouble housing the hordes when we leave at the end of the evening, so we've arranged a set of sponsors to pay for some drinks and appetizers at Flux Bistro, just down the road along Water Street.

I'd like to thank, TechVibes, and Peer1 for sponsoring this post-DemoCamp gathering. At only our 4th event, we're already reaching out for sponsorship. In contrast, check out David Crow's update on the 2 year anniversary of DemoCampToronto -- the space alone is $2000 per event! I can only hope we can continue growing our community over the next 18 months as they have in Toronto.

I'm really looking forward to more BattleDecks (well....along with a great set of people, ideas, and companies to present!). Please do spread the word to have people attend -- especially if they haven't attended an "unconference" style event before or are outside the tech industry: connect the tribes!

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