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Congrats to John and Igor at Handimobility - LiveVote launched

John and Igor at Handimobility are following the mantra of ship early, ship often, and have launched It's a service that allows you to set up free SMS polling -- you sign up on the LiveVote website, and then you can create as many free polls as you like.

I've been kicking the tires on this for a bit and already have some feedback in to them. If you click through and read this entry on the blog, you'll see that I've got a Flash widget embedded in the upper right where you can see the live results from SMS voting. The vote I'm running is "what are eggs cooked in bread called?", after the long thread of comments that erupted on my Flickr picture.

So, if you come to the site here with your web browser and text one of the choices to 868464, you'll actually see the pie chart update in real time. Note: Canada only for now! You can change your vote at any time by just texting a different choice: your last choice before time runs out (you've got another 7 days) is what will count.

Follow their progress on the new Handimobility blog. I'm looking forward to seeing LiveVote evolve, and also to see what else John and Igor have up their sleeves.