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Speaking: Web Directions North 08 - Three Stages of Content Management

I'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at Dave Shea and co's Web Directions North conference this coming January, taking place January 29th through 31st here in Vancouver (with apres conference Whistler trip, of course).

I'll be talking about the 3 Stages of Content Management. I'm tagging stuff in delicious with WDN08 -- please send me your links if you have something relevant to add. Yes, I'll be mentioning Drupal, but I'll mainly go through why/when/how you'll be diving into an actual content management "system" vs. straight up HTML pages (people still do that?!?) and some of the different tools and techniques, as well as the reason why you might want to go to a dynamic system.

WDN is still looking for sponsorship, and of course you should definitely attend if building websites is at all in your future. Dave's presence here in Vancouver is finally starting to be felt (which Dave? oh, you mean the CSS Zen Garden guy? He lives in Vancouver?!?) and the conference last year was excellent.