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Barcelona: Tapas are delicious

Bar snacks: prawns and olives

So, in actuality, the prawns and olives above were not that great, but they WERE available within 2 blocks of our apartment at a random street side cervezeria. The food here definitely is in incredible - -I'm looking forward to sharing my pictures of the market once we get to somewhere with a solid Internet connection. With the new camera, at almost 3MB per picture, we have to be somewhat careful about not overloading wireless networks we are connected to.

The plan is to go back to the market today and cook for folks at our apartment. I'll be sure and document in pictures and video. The apartment (through EasySleep) is quite nice -- has a kitchen with gas range, lots of shops in the area to get supplies, easily sleeps 5. Some trouble with the Internet and Mac laptops, and payment has been problematic (don't ask...), but I would definitely stay in this type of apartment rental again. There should be more of these in Vancouver...I'm not really aware of anything organized like this other than Craigslist.

Had a great evening talking with Brian Sutherland from the Vanguardistas, who are Zope3 experts. I have some notes and will post more about this.

We've got some work to do today, and DrupalCon Barcelona will hit full force tomorrow....given my previous records around blogging during events, I may very well go silent until I come out the other side and spend a day at the beach...