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Vancouver.FreeTheNet.Ca - how to buy your wireless mesh node

So, one day later (!!!), our concept of getting free wireless going in Vancouver is picking up a ton of steam. Here's the map of wireless nodes across Vancouver as of today:

I'm going to take a unit home, so there will be a South Granville location, too. Also check out the zoomed-in version of Gastown -- we could have really good coverage in no time.

We had Lyal from Outcome3 come and buy a unit, and Jennifer from Elastic Entertainment. Raincity Studios, who are going to be sharing our office here at 1 Alexander, are going to unwire their side of the office as well. I'm thinking Chill Winston is going to see some more laptop users soon. I think Kris Krug narrowly beat out Joe Bowser to be the first "home" node up. Wow...and that's day 1!

How to buy a Meraki wireless mesh node in Vancouver

We've currently got a stack of Meraki units from Mike West sitting in the Bryght offices. If you are a business or individual, contact Bryght or stop by during business hours and we'll configure a unit and sell it to you. If you're a regular home user, the Meraki Mini will do just fine.

What do you need? Nothing more than a network connection. If you buy more than one, they will automatically form a mesh so you can cover a wider area. Need help configuring? We'll do what we can to get you up and running -- Joe Bowser is our official hardware/network geek.

We'll hurry to get set up early next week, so we can promote everyone that is running nodes. Ideally, we'll get an interface (and coverage!) like the San Fran network, where we can keep the map updated in real time.

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