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Vancouver Wireless Cadre Kick Off Meeting

It's time to gather forces and talk about how to get Vancouver covered in wireless connectivity -- let's meet this Thursday.

Join us to discuss strategies for getting more wireless networks deployed from the ground up. Joe Bowser is working on DogOnRails, a re-write of the venerable WifiDog software, and several other attendees have experience with Meraki wireless gear.

Ideally, we will join force with Free Geek Vancouver and work towards grass roots community wireless coverage of the city.

Here's what Joe Bowser has to share with us:

  1. Nitobi will have a unit installed. If we can get the signal out to Workspace, that'd help get the network up and going.
  2. DogOnRails is deployed, but I haven't tested the latest version. It's not really related to mesh directly, but it can be used as a captive portal.
  3. I bought two WGT634Us to test MIT Roofnet and see how easy it is to get it working, and it's fairly simple. With some dev work, we can get an Open Meraki firmware (one that doesn't phone home, or use Dashboard), which is definitely worth talking about.

This is very much a quick kick off meeting to get the ball rolling. Please come out and share your thoughts and ideas.

5:30pm this Thursday, Sept. 13th, at the Bryght offices. On Upcoming and on Facebook.