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Uncle Fatih's Pizza to Pigeon's Park

I had an interesting experience on Wednesday night. The guys at WorkSpace called around some local Gastown businesses to fund a pizza delivery to Pigeon Park, and I stopped in to help hand out the pizzas. Here's a short video that I did with Bill MacEwen talking about why:

Uncle Fatih'z Pizza was the project we took on during BarCamp Vancouver where we built DIY video advertising in 60 minutes. It was some of the most fun, intense, creative time I had and I would do it again in a second. Here's the video that my team did:

The Pigeon Park experience was great. I don't know how many Stacies it's worth, but the thanks of the people there who appreciated this food we were giving them was enough. I don't know how we can fix many of the issues faces the Downtown Eastside, but this is Bill's idea to at least spread a little good.