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Vanguardistas in Barcelona

I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since I last bumped into Mark Pratt (entry from November 2003 about OpenSourceXperts). A chance IM conversation today let me know that he is now based out of Barcelona, but my trip to attend DrupalCon Barcelona means that I'm just going to miss him while he makes a trip to the US.

Mark is a Zope expert, open source business model experimenter, and more. He told me he's now got a great consulting firm, Vanguardistas, that are doing "amazing things with Zope3". I admit to knowing very little about the cool stuff going on in Zope3, so it will be interesting to hear more. And of course, we're all partners in waving the flag of open source goodness, especially in Europe.

I'll be missing Mark in Barcelona, but he's connected me to some of his colleagues at Vanguardistas, and told me that La Bombeta is where I'll have to go for delicious, cheap food. I'm really looking forward to this trip...I really have to make plans to be in Europe more regularly: there are so many great people and projects to get connected to, never mind the side benefits like great food :P