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Bulk buy of Globalsat DG100-GPS through Expansys

Good news! I've been in touch with Corey Leach of Expansys / Mobile Planet, and he's agreed to help out with both a bulk buy and with getting a loaner unit out to the Chief Babelhead for the open source GPS Babel project (thanks to Richard Akerman for making the post that prompted that connection). I've also had an update from the folks at LoadMyTracks, who have been contacted by the Globalsat manufacturer directly.

So, it's time to pony up some money and start geo-enabling yourself. The Globalsat DG100-GPS is the unit that I wrote about previously and it is currently listed at $100.95CDN.

If we get 5 - 9 buyers, the price will be discounted $5 USD per unit.

If we get 10+ buyers, the price will be discounted $10 USD per unit.

Corey Leach has suggested that the easiest way to make sure we get the discount applied is for everyone who is interested in purchasing to email him directly. We'll wait a couple of days to see if you get above 10 buyers, and then apply the discount and it will get shipped to everyone directly.

Note: this is open to *anyone* that wants to buy this unit -- the more the merrier. Just include a link to this blog post in your email and/or cc me on the email. What are you waiting for? email Corey to book your order.

Update: we are now at 7 people and only need 3 more to get the magical 10 person discount. We'll wait another couple of days, and then everyone can place their order, Corey will ask for your REF number, and the price will be reduced. Travis also pointed out to me a good thread on Vandigicam talking about geo logging.

Update 2: we are now at 10 people! Please go ahead and purchase the unit normally and email Corey your confirmation / ref number to receive the discount.