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BarCamp Vancouver 2007 kicks off this eve

Here we are at noon on the eve of BarCamp Vancouver 2007. Duane Storey and I are hacking some phone VoIP stuff, I'll be doing geo logging (surprise!) and....and I don't know what else will happen.

It was great to read through Roland's retrospective of BarCamp's we've been involved in. I think he missed BarCamp SF at the Microsoft offices...I caught part of that after a late flight in.

BarCamp Amsterdam has to be one of my favourites. Chris Pirillo came in with a big donation that helped (European) beer-fueled hacking, the Mediamatic people and offices were fantastic, and lots of my European friends were there that I don't get to see very often. Oh, right, and I got to cook for 50+ people over an open flame indoors :P

I love unconferences. I wasn't involved in organizing this year's BarCamp Vancouver, so thanks to the many organizers and helpers. Here's what Jordan Behan has to say:

After last year’s event, I was so amazed at the things I learned and the people I met that I wanted to help out anywhere I could this year. So I joined (invited myself onto) the organizing committee, and thus I feel it is my duty to share a bit of Barcamp How-to.

That's exactly the spirit we want to see. See you tonight...