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Going swimming

I've been trying to go swimming as much as possible this summer. In the ocean, because that's what I'm used to from growing up on an island.

Usually this is Jericho / Locarno Beaches here in Vancouver, or farther along at Spanish Banks. These are also great places to take along a little Hibachi and have a cook out or throw a frisbee around.

I'm going tonight (Tuesday) and will likely go most days while it's still sunny and warm. Give me a call if you want to come: I usually aim to go around 6:30pm or so.

In sending out an email about this to some friends, James responded with a mention of the Vancouver Open Water Swimmers Association. Huh. An association for swimming in the ocean. Again, just seems strange 'cause I grew up swimming by myself in the ocean all the time. In any case, looks like an interesting group, especially if you want to push yourself a little more and go for longer swims.