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Back from Boston

I'm back from Boston. Oh? Yeah, I didn't really mention that. I did end up doing a geek meetup, of course. Was a small group, but fun as usual. Summary: there is lots of exciting stuff in Drupal's future, there is too much to do today, there are some fun ideas and activities going to happen at the Barcelona Drupalcon.

Spent some great time with Lisa Williams of Placeblogger and h20town fame. I got to not only see the famous Watertown part of Boston, but even ate there, at a place called La Casa de Pedro. Turns out Lisa is my kind of restaurant eater: lots of meat! I had a flank steak on top of two different kinds of chorizo. Yes, three meats. Thanks again, Lisa, looking forward to more Placeblogger adventures...

Why was I in Boston? The folks at Cramer are doing a Drupal build for a large client, and I'm helping architect. The best part about the Cramer offices is the coffee. They have these crazy little foil-topped plastic containers with coffee in them -- different blends, like West Coast and so on -- and you insert the container directly into the machine, foil top and all, stick a cup underneath, and press brew. Somehow, the magical machine punctures the foil, spits the coffee into the cup, and devours the container. Very cool, and wicked pissah coffee, too (ref).

I didn't see much else of Boston except for the two trips above I mentioned, but did do a bit of driving around various highways. Yes, that is about as exciting as it sounds. Next time I have to eat some 'chowda' ("say it, Frenchie!").

Hmmm. This is the "personal" section. I suppose it should be less geeky, but then, that always happens to me. There are many other things going on, and I am working on looking forward. I'm heading to Ottawa at the end of August and will reconnect with many old friends, I might take some time and hike California with my good friend Jon, and... who knows. There isn't much else I feel like sharing at this point. I've been doing some journaling privately (here -- I might eventually post some friends only stuff, but don't hold your breath).