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Boris goes to Washington

I'm currently sitting at the Vancouver airport, waiting for a flight to Toronto and then on to the Dulles airport. I'll be spending the week there in meetings with clients in Sterling, VA. The days will be full, but I'm hoping to connect with some Drupal folks like Development Seed and the fabulous Earnest Berry, aka souvent22. Actually, I seem to recall that Thomas Vander Wal is over in Bethesda, which is pretty close as well. Perhaps a personal info cloud meetup on Wednesday night.

Now a mini rant on airport power. Djun and I were recalling the horror that is Heathrow (of which Tim Bray recently wrote). Here at YVR power is usually good, but we're at this weird Gate 50 - 52 area that has no outlets other than at the gate agent station. So we're plugged into the printer outlet :P I wanted to document this, and there is apparently the AirPower Wiki hosted as part of Jeff Sandquist's stuff. I'm sticky about things like that -- it needs to be at or some other top level domain, not hidden in someone's personal namespace. But I got up at 3:45am today, so please excuse any grumpiness. (and yes, I just registered and URL forwarded it to Jeff's wiki for now...)

OK, maybe a quick update in Toronto, now I'm going to sleep on the whole flight.