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Boring site note: which feed do you want?

I put together a feeds page which describes the content of the 2 main feeds I have available*.

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Feedburner (which I recently re-fell in love with after re-tuning this site and adding the Drupal Feedburner module) tells me that about 450 of you are subscribed to my main front page stuff (out of which I recently removed my link splicing), and about 100 of you subscribe to the front page + personal + Flickr + links super feed of doom.

But wait! There's more!

I've actually been working on re-combining all my other stuff here. For quite some time I've run, aka "The Borisphere", wherein I aggregate all content that I post elsewhere. I've got a few aggregated feeds here on the site, including some rather strange ones like my Facebook posted items feed or all the recipes from my FoodLikeThat site. Eventually, I'll have all "my" feeds available here, and you'll be able to pick and choose which feed you want to subscribe to, or maybe even pick and choose which tags you are interested. So you can miss boring site notes like this :P

*Note: if you've been following along with the purple series, and are actually visiting the website directly instead of, um, reading it through a feed, then you'll see the bit where i just added in the info from the feeds page.