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DemoCampVancouver, now with more gong

We're just under 2 weeks away from the second DemoCampVancouver event on July 5th. There is an event on Facebook, and you may also list yourself on the wiki, especially if you want to start socializing an idea you want to demo. The guys from EQO would like to demo their new mobile client – add yourself to the list!

Remember we are changing the format slightly, based on feedback. Everyone that comes with a demo idea will be given a 30 second pitch time at the beginning, then we'll have all the attendees vote, and the top four demo ideas will then each get 6 minutes.

I'm going to invite a bunch of extra people to stack the deck for my pick: a talk on what cohousing is, along with details of the Windsong cohousing community in Langley

We're looking into a liquor license for the evening, if only to have the comfort of a cold beer in hand while we listen to presenters. There are no sponsors per-se, but the license may incur some costs. If you're interested in helping out with this, please get in touch.

Lastly, David Mcintyre of Ventures West pinged me to say that he can bring a 2ft gong to the event. Yes, a gong. Unfortunately, Dane from WorkSpace already called dibs on being "gong boy". Perhaps we'll raffle off this unique opportunity next time :P Thanks David and Ventures West...I'm looking forward to the event even more now that I know it will be gong-enabled.

We also talked a bit about PowerPoint games or other such antics. This isn't fully baked yet, please add suggestions to the wiki on how we should run this, and let us know if you want to participate in that portion. 

DemoCampVancouver coming up too quickly and your idea isn't fully backed? BarCampVancouver 2007 happens August 17th and 18th...although we're at capacity! Some ideas on making more space may be required...