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FreeGeek Vancouver and Vancouver PHP offer "Summer of PHP"

Check out the Vancouver PHP Users Group Summer Workshop Series. It's specifically targeted at beginners, here's the description:

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce beginners to PHP and associated technologies. There is no charge, and these workshops are intended to be an introduction to further courses, that you could pursue at a college or university.

As well, Audrey is going to be one of the main instructors, and she's looking specifically to get a core of women interested in these courses. Check the VanPHP website for full details and session descriptions. This is

What's the catch? Well, Free Geek Vancouver is providing both the venue and a computer lab setup, and there is no charge for these courses. But, just having moved into their new space, they need more power. If you know of an electrician that can help, please contact Free Geek Vancouver.

Also, if you do have older computers or computer gear, drop it by Free Geek Vancouver. It will help not only this course, but also the free computers that they give out to people. It's great for me to see the rise of Free Geek here -- a very passionate group of tech folks -- and even better that they're working with VanPHP.