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DemoCampVancouver01 and on using Facebook for getting the word out

Why yes, I am continuing the tradition of not-real-blogging-its-just-about-event-posting :P




So, the first DemoCampVancouver01, held at WorkSpace, is over. And no blog post ahead of time from me!

But that, in part, is what this post is about.

See, I procrastinated making a post. I used a bunch of channels to get the word out about this event. I added some subtle links in earlier posts to this blog, I made an entry on, we made a mailing list, and then....and then I decided to experiment with Facebook.

I created a DemoCampVancouver group, and I made an event posting, and I invited all my friends. And Facebook has this built in ability to pass on these type of postings/notifications, and it spread even further. As of today, there are almost 100 members in the Facebook group.

So, Facebook works. It helped that WorkSpace promoted the event "live" to all its members, who are naturally an entrepreneurial group of people. But...well, even with the talk of Facebook as platform, it's inherently closed nature, it's non-participation in the open web...bugs me.

Isn't this why I'm working on identity? So we can build Facebook in a distributed matter, everywhere?

...but I digress. The evening was great, we had about 50 people out, way more interest in presenting that there was time for, and a really engaged/interesting/awesome group of people. Look to the various channels of the Internet universe for more info, check out the DemoCampVancouver tag, and we'll update the wiki with more information. Thanks to all for coming out, tell all your many tribes about this, and let's get prepped for some Powerpoint Karaoke for next time...

Next event with a subtle link? Come out next Thursday for May's League of Vancouver Drupal-ers at our Bryght offices, with a presentation on "Achieving Awesome Design with Drupal".