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Super Happy indeed

Yep, Super Happy indeed.

Well, the week was busy and Luke and I just sort of pulled everything together at the last minute, but Vancouver's first SHDH went pretty darn well, I think. Like I said, we were long on the Super and the Happy. Maybe not so much Dev, but I had an absolutely awesome number of great conversations. And we really did go all the way to 1am....we could have gone longer if the keg of beer hadn't run out *hours* earlier (another surprise, that...).

Connected in particular with David Ascher....who I've had great convo's with in the past, but found out a little more about him this time around. Hmmm. Vancouver Open Source Mafia. I like it :P I didn't really find out about Flapjax, which David was mumbling about...something for Steven to dive into, I think.

Was great to see everyone. A BCIT broadcast/journalism team grabbed a bunch of video, so we'll see how that turned out. Can't link/shout out to everyone, but here are a few links/one liners of interest.

  • Great to see Miss604 and hubby John; hire John ... he's all about the Drupal now, and even legal to work here now
  • Always good to see The Duane Storey; that much tequila probably shouldn't stay in our office :P
  • Ivan did a great job of doing paper and pen coverage of the event. You may remember him as "that live spam guy" from Lee and Nancy's Northern Voice 07 talk
  • Ended up talking about Valve's Steam game download service (more on this in a separate post, likely) with Dustin Sacks. PoxNora is an online + Java Web Start kind of collectible card game + strategy game that illustrates, for me, a really nice balance of how games can / should be deployed as well. Dustin -- something along this line for website integration with "Lux Online" might be interesting....collect army cards?!?
  • Lloyd was missed. Victoria: so close, and yet so far away (P.S. SHDH and SHDHVan) 
  • All the Freegeek Van folks kick an incredible amount of a** -- feels like new energy and kindred spirits to kick it up a notch here in Van...
  • (Later) And of course, catch up with Keith Grennan, who is doing cool things with grant management software (although it looks like he won't get to build it with his new love, Drupal; yes, a Pingback module [or taking over the existing Trackback, and making it PB compatible too] is a good idea)

(Man, this is getting long, and I haven't even done the Hadsie, Mack Hardy, or Ariane shout outs...that's it for now, see y'all soonish) 

SocialText, ActiveState, Sophos -- thanks for coming, and thanks for supporting with beer and pizza delivery. Radek Burkat gets the spontaneous rib steak donation award :P

Next up: DemoCampVancouver, May 24th. Yes, this blog IS filled mainly with event announcements :P One of these days, the great merging of personal etc. and upgrading will happen...