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Ben Wong pushes out of the nest

Congratulations to Ben Wong for the launch of Sutton is one of Canada's largest real estate companies, and it now has a nice and clean "Web 2.0" style website. Well, maybe not THAT web 2.0 – a distinct lack of tag clouds :P

What it does have is a Drupal powered backend, cleanly designed HTML and highly search engine friendly structure.

It was very nice of Ben to mention Bryght as part of the team that put together. Actually this was something that I and other members of the team were involved in even before there was a Bryght. In reality, most of the kudos should go to Ben himself, who is not only a programming and sysadmin ninja, but also did a great job of managing the dev team to see this to completion. And of course, Dave Shea's Bright Creative consultancy is who did the great design.

I'll be watching this site with interest, and hope Ben will give us a report on traffic and other commentary in a month or so from now. I know there are many more possibilities waiting in the wings, especially now that they've got a web application framework in the form of Drupal underneath. Who knows, they might even add tag clouds...