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Open Source in Vancouver Panel

The Vancouver PHP Conference 2007 is coming up next week. I think registration is full or close to it. We've got Steven and James giving a couple of talks on Drupal and Identity / OpenID.

There is also a (free, as in beer) panel on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on Monday night. It's open to the public and sponsored by a group called Information and Communications Technology / Open Source Co-op. Never heard of 'em, but they run Drupal, so they can't be all bad :P

Some of the topics up for discussion include:

  • Choosing a license
  • GPL3
  • Common Misperceptions about the GPL
  • Growth in GPL
  • Winning Over New Converts to FOSS
  • Reasons Why Businesses Choose FOSS
  • Current state of FOSS in North America
  • Encouraging the growth of FOSS in Vancouver/N. America

Well, there's a selection of things I'm passionate about :P Should be interesting to see how the discussion goes, but I suspect it will be preaching to the converted in many cases.