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Marc Canter is building his heart out

Marc Canter continues to blog up a storm. If you really, carefully, read about all the stuff he's been posting: he really is looking to the future.

Yes, I do find it a bit scary to be agreeing with Marc. I mean...I love the guy, I love his family, but he drives me crazy 50% of the time Wink

So, what has Marc got right lately?

  • It's about the network of networks
  • social networking is a feature...and it makes sense to pick and choose building blocks to start from rather than blowing your brains out developing code (and UI, and standards, and, and...) from scratch every time; Marc feels burned by open source, so he's doing PeopleAggregator, me, I'm pushing away at my old friend Drupal
  • identity is great for sign on is great; now let's get working on attribute exchange, without which 2.x is somewhat pointless -- we had this working 2 years ago with SXIP

That last point is from Marc's latest on Microsoft's CardSpace plus Open ID, and he closes with "without import/export we have no context". That is code for "don't make me create an account on another god-dang site that really should be a feature, and especially don't make me re-enter all my stuff into another system".

So, props to you, Marc -- build your heart out around PeepAgg, let's interwork around standards and get to those "Just Work" ah-ha moments.