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OpenID MashPit Vancouver wrap up

I did a much longer recap/announcement over on my Bryght blog, but wanted to point to some people specifically. I had a great time and it was good to see so many people out.

Scott Hadfield wins the prize for actually OpenID-enabling his blog in real time (and for his bizarro domain name :P).

My site here does have delegation headers for my account (Simon Willison has good instructions for the OpenID 1.1 format here), but it won't work most places until we get our code updated with the OpenID 1.1 backwards compatability. 

I think Rob of wins the prize for most errors/frustration encountered in trying to get his site delegating. I realized as we were all clustered around trying to test delegation with various systems....that there are still very few "large" sites that you can just do login with...besides random blog comments. Definitely more work needed here. Oh, and Rob has an event coming up here in Vancouver for tech types (Rob, looked for it in upcoming and couldn't find and I'll update this).

Always good to see Michael Stewart out from far-off Delta. He's leaving the safe surroundings of BCIT in April, and is looking for "what's next". Hire him! He's passionate about identity and knows his stuff, especially in educational contexts. 

A few more links on the wiki -- please update with more pointers and learning.

Special thanks to Lori and the rest of the SXIP team. The Belgian beer was much appreciated :P