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OpenID MashPit in Vancouver

Coming up January 17th, 2007 (next Wednesday, if you're reading this in current day blogtime), SXIP is hosting the Vancouver incarnation of an OpenID MashPit event. Here's the scoop:

Want to learn more about OpenID 2.0 and spend an evening hacking on the new code? Join Sxip at the OpenID 2.0 Mash Pit evening in the New Year in Vancouver. There will be simultaneous events that night in Portland and other locations, with a live webcast amongst us. OpenID is an emerging Identity 2.0 standard for exchanging identity data on the internet. This is for people to come and hack on OpenID 2.0 and figure out how to make it work for their sites or applications.

We'll do a brief introduction on OpenID 2.0 and the new stuff you can do with it such as attribute exchange with the email verification service, followed by 5 minute lightening talks on whatever you want to demo or talk about and then break out into small groups to help people actually dig into the "doing" of OpenID enabling their site. The goal? More hacking, less talking.

The enigmatic walkah will be flying in from the east to attend, and show off some hot new OpenID 2.x code -- server and client. Fingers crossed...we'll have more to show on this tomorrow already. 

Do I need to disclaim that we've been working with SXIP for 2 years, and that Lori Pike bought myself and Roland dinner tonight to help discuss and plan? There you go...disclaimed! Come join us at the MashPit, either here in Vancouver, or in Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Austin, etc. etc. Let's get identity rolling in 2007...